The Goose & the Swan – 500 years later

Luther was ordained literally “over his dead body” – just as that bishop had prophesied! … More The Goose & the Swan – 500 years later


That Holy Place

Pastoral Reflection Pre-death A mother is crying, wracked with sobs, grieving as she cuddles her dying daughter. No one can help. Not even the baby’s father. She has come to that place where she is alone with the Divine – only her grief between them. During the course of my career as a pediatric hospital … More That Holy Place

Spiritual Self Evaluation – part 7 (of 7)

Revelation 3:14-22 What is your favorite sport? Is it football (aka “soccer”), American football, baseball, an Olympic-style sport? Whichever you prefer, at some time the competition gets to where the best in that sport meet to decide who is the champion. Maybe it’s a fight for the Olympic gold medal, or the Premier League championship, or … More Spiritual Self Evaluation – part 7 (of 7)

Spiritual Self Evaluation – part 3

Revelation 2:12-17 The Christians in Pergamos were being pushed to conform to the norms of the culture around them. It was a big struggle – something you might also feel. Pergamos was ‘sin-city.’ The Greek religions were widely practiced. The rituals of these cults were usually associated with immorality – prostitution, sodomy, orgies & lewd … More Spiritual Self Evaluation – part 3